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The members of the Cuyahoga Democratic Women's Caucus Steering Committee join with others in denouncing Justice Bill O'Neill for his inappropriate and offensive posts on Facebook. O'Neill has shown a stunning lack of understanding regarding the critical issues of sexual harassment and sexual abuse. 

O'Neill's shocking disrespect for women on so many levels, including the violation of privacy and the trivializing of the serious national discussion on sexual harassment and abuse, is unacceptable. The effects of this harassment and abuse are devastating, and O'Neill's degrading and insulting comments reveal his disregard for women, the law, ethics, and sound judgment. We believe he should withdraw his candidacy for governor of Ohio.


CDWC congratulates the candidates who emerged victorious from the 2017 General Election campaign and acknowledges all those who worked tirelessly but fell short of winning. 

We salute all who participated in the electoral process, either by running for office working on a campaign. We thank you for your commitment to our community!

These 2017 General Election winners were endorsed by CDWC:

Martin S. Horwitz (Mayor)
James Pasch (City Council)
Frank Jackson (Mayor)
Kerry McCormack (City Council Ward 3) 
Phyllis Cleveland (City Council Ward 5)
Blaine Griffin (City Council Ward 6)
Dona Brady (City Council Ward 11)
Anthony Brancatelli (City Council Ward 12)
Kevin Kelley (City Council Ward 13)
Jasmin Santana (City Council Ward 14)
Matt Zone (City Council Ward 15) 
Martin Keane (City Council Ward 17)
Jason Stein (City Council)
Cheryl Stephens (City Council)
Mike Ungar (City Council)
Melissa Yasinow (City Council)
Laura Gorshe (City Council Ward 8)
Tom Bullock (City Council At Large)
Chris Glassburn (City Council Ward 2) 
Anne E. Williams (City Council)
Robert Zimmerman (City Council)
Ruth Gray (City Council Ward 1)
Sara Continenza (City Council Ward 3)
Jane Goodman (City Council Ward 4)

Stay Informed
Judicial Votes Count
The Ohio Supreme Court, Bar Association, League of Women Voters of Ohio, and others have joined together for "Judicial Votes Count" (JVC) an online website with information on candidates for judge across the state and with educational information about what judges do and how to evaluate candidates. You can visit online at www.judicialvotescount.org. 
The League of Women Voters online voter's guide, VOTE411.org, is where you can find essential information that includes voter guides, absentee ballot and early voting information, biographical information about candidates, and both upcoming candidate forums and videos of forums. 

2018 Midterm Elections are a year away, but we should all stay up to date on the Democratic candidates! The following is a list of Democrats who have announced their candidacy:
  • U.S. Senator: Sherrod Brown (Incumbent)
  • Ohio Governor:
    • Former Ohio State Rep. Connie Pillich
    • Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley
    • State Senator Joe Schiavoni
    • Former U.S. Rep. Betty Sutton
  • Secretary of State: State Rep Kathleen Clyde
  • State Attorney General: Steve Dettelbach   

It's time to address gerrymandering in Ohio’s Congressional districts
Fair Districts Ohio logoLearn more, get updates…

…about the Fair Districts proposal and congressional redistricting reform campaign. Go to the websites of:

Fair Districts = Fair Elections
League of Women Voters of Ohio 

Cuyahoga County petition staging locations 

Anyone interested in helping the redistricting reform effort can visit these locations to sign a petition, pick up a petition booklet for collecting signatures, drop off completed booklets, and get more information. To view a list of these locations and hours, click here.



Please continue to make phone calls, especially to both of Ohio's senators, Sherrod Brown [Washington, DC, 202-224-2315; Cleveland, 216-522-7272; Columbus,  888-896-OHIO (6446)] and Rob Portman [Washington, DC, 292-224-3353; Cleveland, 216-522-7095; Columbus, 614-469-7747]. Make sure they know how you feel about the issues that are important to you.

Looking for meetings, marches, rallies, or other action near you and around Ohio?
ProgressOhio's Progressive Action Calendar

If you are just getting started, there is also a basic Action Page with some things you can do right away: http://progressohio.org/takeaction/

35 E. Gay Street, Ste. 404, Columbus, Ohio 43215

Please check our CDWC Events page and our Other Events to Know About page for listings of happenings of particular interest to Democratic women in Cuyahoga County. 

The Cuyahoga Democratic Women's Caucus is a chapter of the Ohio Democratic Women's Caucus, which is an official caucus of the Ohio Democratic Party. We are dedicated to bringing women into the political process by educating, engaging, and mobilizing women voters to help elect Democrats to office.


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